Happy Birthday, Every Day!

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The days of only having cake on your birthday are long gone, at least as far as we’re concerned! Birthday cake bars often have the stereotype of being overly artificially sweetened, chalky, and all-around overrated. Thankfully, we’ve changed that game for good. We believe in celebrating yourself every day of the year, and indulging in a treat when you want it. 

Our delicious and creamy Glo Birthday Cake Bar is jam-packed with 15 grams of vegan protein, and features sprinkles dyed with spirulina, turmeric, and beets. We could go on for days about the benefits of vegan protein; like how it’s full of fiber, can decrease risk of heart disease, and is packed with minerals and amino acids. While it certainly tastes like a slice of your favorite childhood delicacy, this birthday cake bar is gluten-free and keto-friendly. It’s also low-carb, perfect for a post-gym snack or pre-bedtime treat! 

Remember in elementary school, when the birthday girl or boy would bring in cupcakes to share with the class and celebrate together? Think of this birthday cake bar as the healthy grown-up version of that. We may have gotten older, but we never stop sharing with friends. Throw these bars in your bag the next time you’re off to a happy hour, work event, Bachelor watch party, or any other time you’d like to spread a little sweetness. Check our Swag Collection!

Raw Rev was born from the love of sharing goodness. Our founder, Alice Benedetto, would constantly craft snacks filled with raw, vegan ingredients and her neighbors, friends and family couldn’t get enough! After some brainstorming, she put together a small team of friends to make the Raw Rev vision a reality.

Now, her goal is to continue making high-quality snack products and reach an even larger market- remaining affordable and irreplaceable in flavor and quality. Today, Alice is still formulating new products that are always 100% vegan and nut-based. She is proud Raw Rev can make a difference for us and the planet we live on, one bar at a time.

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