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Erica's Amazing Weight Loss Journey

September 07, 2018

Almost three years ago I set out on a journey to change my life. At 310 lbs I was dead set to change my relationship with food! It has been an amazing, scary, tearful, frustrating, enlightening experience! 
Changing everything about my food intake started from day one! March 2016 I had weight loss surgery. This immediately changed how I had to eat.  My main goal became getting enough protein in my diet.
I was first introduced to Raw Rev in 2017 at the New York City Weight Loss Surgery meetup. We were supplied with samples from this amazing company.......I was immediately in love! Not only has it been an amazing protein supplement, but it also has been my go to due to the high fiber and carb stats. Made from super foods and totally vegan, not to mention the truly has become my absolute FAVORITE protein bar ever!
Erica (aka....Rawrev's #1 fan)

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