5 Reasons To Try A Non-GMO Protein Bar

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If you’ve been looking for healthier food products, you’ve probably seen the term non-GMO. If you’ve been wondering, “What is a non-GMO?” we’re here to help.

A GMO is a genetically modified organism. GMOs can refer to any plant, animal, or other organism that have their genetic identity altered on a microscopic level. If that sounds a little complicated, think of GMOs this way: they are ingredients changed in a way that would not occur naturally on their own. This is often done in a lab or by using chemicals to alter the food. 

Are you concerned about GMOs in your food? You’re not alone. Here are five reasons to try a non-GMO protein bar!


A vital part of answering “what is a non-GMO?” is their lack of toxic chemicals. GMOs are linked to a growing list of health concerns. A non-GMO protein bar is chemical-free made without herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers. 

Fresher Ingredients

GMO foods use artificial preservatives. These preservatives are supposed to make foods last longer, but that typically means they aren’t as fresh as they seem. Trying a non-GMO protein bar means you’re only getting the freshest ingredients that are safe for your body.

Rich, Natural Nutrients

The nutrients you can get from a non-GMO product, such as protein and fiber, are rich and beneficial for your health. Plus, their nutrients are untouched by artificial additives, so there aren’t any potential downsides that other protein bars often contain.

Vegan, Gluten-Free, and Kosher Options

If you have dietary restrictions, you should always look for non-GMO protein bar options. Non-GMO foods are more likely to accommodate your needs. Just make sure you double-check the ingredients and labels to make sure you’re getting a quality product!

Amazing Taste

Who said healthy options have to taste boring? Non-GMO protein bars can have natural ingredients that taste amazingly fresh. Choosing non-GMO protein bars is treating your body AND your taste buds!

Delicious Plant-Based Protein Bars

Finding high-quality snack products that are healthy and delicious can be a chore. Raw Rev is here to make the tasty, vegan option more accessible than ever with simple ingredients that leave you feeling satisfied. Browse our online store to order yours today!

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