What Are Plant-Based Protein Health Benefits?

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A lot goes into a well-balanced lifestyle: regular exercise, a nutritious and full diet, practicing mindfulness, and so much more. The more “good” you put into your body, the more you’ll get out of it. When you’re roaming the aisles at your favorite grocery store, it’s easy to be a bit overwhelmed by all of the protein choices–whey, hemp, pea, rice–how do you know which source is best for you?

What are the differences? Which protein types offer the most benefit for your specific needs and preferences? Which ones taste the best? We could be slightly biased, but when it comes to protein choices, plant-based is the way to go. Keep on reading for some of our favorite reasons why!

Plant-based protein can decrease the risk of some chronic diseases.

The American Heart Association has reported that swapping your meat-based protein for a plant-based option can help decrease the risk of heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, and stroke. Many animal proteins are associated with inflammation due to the content of saturated fat. By opting for a plant-based option, you’re supplying your body with a clean source of energy and protein!

The added fiber in plant-based protein is great for your gut.

One of the biggest pros of plant-based protein is the benefit of adding healthy fiber into your diet. By doing so, your body is able to regulate sugar levels, keep your hunger in check, and keep your digestive system running smoothly!

Plant-based proteins also contain essential minerals and amino acids.

Walnuts, chia seeds, ground flax, hemp protein, and soybeans boast the added benefit of omega-3s. Additionally, you’re able to get nutrients like iron and zinc from plant-based protein sources.

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