Ways Working Moms Can Balance Work and Family

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All moms are superheroes, whether running a company like mom-owned RawRev, working 9-5 or taking full responsibility for the care of the home — you’ll know that balancing work and family, and everything else in-between is a challenge to say the least.

If you're one such mom—or if you're just looking for ways to take charge of your time management at work and at home, here are our go-to tips for finding a balance between your career and your family life.

Reach Out For Support

It might seem obvious, but reaching out for support when you need it is so important. Don’t wait until the breaking point. Make sure that if you need help, your loved ones are aware and can lend a hand.  

Whether it’s finding childcare providers that you trust or having your partner or family member look after the kids when available so you can focus on work (or take some much-needed time to relax), finding that extra support will lift some of the burden, helping you to avoid burn-out. 

Also, where possible, take advantage of any after-school clubs on offer that may be of interest to your kids. Not only will this be beneficial and enjoyable for them, but it will also give you some time to work on other tasks (or take a breather) while they’re out. 

Taking it in turns with your partner on the school drop-off and pick-up, and receiving help with cooking meals and taking care of the house will also help to take the pressure off.

Getting help with these simple chores will make all the difference when it comes to maintaining a balance between work and family. Making these tweaks can ensure that you have time to do more than just the essentials and thrive. 

Get organized.

It may seem like a cliché but it's true: the more time you spend keeping track of appointments and to-do items, the easier your life will be. Using calendar apps, planners, or personal organizers can help you keep yourself on track by reminding you when things need to happen and where they need to happen. If digital is not your thing, try using a whiteboard or bulletin board at home as an organizational tool.

Use time-saving hacks

Along with good organization, using time-saving hacks can be a life-saver when it comes to making the most of your precious time. Try getting quick errands done during your lunch or coffee break to free up more time throughout the week. Ordering groceries online can also be a great time-saver while preparing outfits and meals in advance can ensure that there’s no stressful last-minute rush in the mornings.

Have a routine.

A routine is an essential part of a productive, healthy life. It can help you feel more secure, more in control, and less stressed. Having a set routine can also be good for the whole family because it makes everyone's life easier to manage.

Try having set meal times for the family so you can enjoy proper a full planned break and spend quality time with your loved ones. 

Going to bed earlier also offers a range of benefits. It may seem simple, but taking some time to wind down before bed each evening ensures that you’re getting enough quality sleep every night (yes it’s not just the kids that need it!). Turning off devices a few hours before slumber can help you to mentally switch off so you can enjoy some ‘me-time’ and feel more well-rested. Try doing some gentle stretches (or yoga if you practice it!), drink a soothing tea, or relax with a good book. Not only will this help to bring more peaceful moments to your evenings, but it will give your mood a boost.

It can be hard to start new habits or routines if you're not used to them, but once you do, they'll become second nature. Before long, your time at work will be more productive as well!

Set boundaries.

To avoid overworking, you need to set boundaries. First, you should make sure that you are spending time with your kids. It's important for them to know that they're important and that their mother is there for them. Plus, it will make them feel better about seeing their parents separate from each other when one or both of them have jobs outside the house.

Second, don't bring work home with you if at all possible. This will ensure that no matter how late it gets or how much pressure comes from work, it won't interfere with the relationships at home.

Thirdly also involves limiting contact while at home: don't answer any calls unless absolutely necessary! The same goes for emails and texts; set aside specific times during which these things can be dealt with so as not to interrupt family time unnecessarily (or ever). 

Remove Physical and Emotional Clutter.

No matter the season, a good spring clean can do wonders for your mood, and consequently your work & family life. Sort through your belongings, keeping only the things that are meaningful or useful for you and you’ll find that it gives you much more physical and emotional space both at home and in your mind. 

Also, take a look at your close relationships and ask yourself if there are negative people in your life that you need to remove (whether that’s creating distance in person or simply unfollowing on social media platforms). While it may seem ruthless, it’s important to be clear about who really deserves your precious time and energy. This will help you feel happier in every part of your life and will allow you to prioritize your time for the family and friends that matter most!

Make sure that your needs are met.

Whether it’s establishing a self-care routine, making time for an exercise class, enjoying a fun hobby, or simply spending quality time with friends every week. 

Eating healthily and exercising should also be a priority. Juggling so many different tasks requires a clear mind, and taking care of your physical and mental health will give you the boost and energy you need to complete your work and avoid burnout.

Find the activities that work best for you. If you love walking then try going for a hike in nature several times a week, or if you’re more into sweating at the gym, then book a class with your besties and try setting new workout challenges and goals. Enjoy eating whole-food-based meals and replace unhealthy snacks with healthier options such as RawRev.

Spend quality time with your family.

It goes without saying that spending quality time with your family and friends is so important, not only for them but for your own wellbeing. When juggling a busy work schedule with demanding family responsibilities, maintaining a healthy balance is possible with just a few adjustments. 

Planning is everything, and by doing so, it will allow you to work more efficiently and look forward to quality time with your partner and kids. 

Let go of the mom guilt.

Mom guilt is unavoidable, especially when you have a busy job to juggle alongside your family life, but you just have to keep reminding yourself that you’re doing the very best you can to provide for you and your family.

As the mom, you may feel pressure to attend all of your children’s events, even if you have other work commitments, but know that it’s impossible to do it all and that’s okay. Instead, you can invite another family member such as grandparents, aunt, uncle, or a best friend to share that experience with them. They can also take lots of photos and videos so you can avoid missing out and feel like you were there with them.

Don’t feel bad if you can’t do it all every day. Balancing work and family means that sometimes you need to make compromises but that’s totally normal. It’s okay to occasionally hire a cleaner so you can spend more time with family or order take-out when you really don’t feel like cooking. 

Be realistic.

We know that it’s definitely not easy to manage a job while being a mom, and there may be times that you feel like you’re in over your head, but know that you’re doing the best you can to provide for yourself and your family, and it’s okay if things don’t go to plan all the time.

With these handy tips, we hope that it helps you to find the right balance between work and family time while making life a little easier overall.

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