Winterize Yourself in Just 30 Minutes Per Day!

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This time of year I admit I am  jealous of those people who swore off New York winters to live year round in places like in Costa Rica; it must be nice to be able to step outside and go for a run minus not having to put on all the layers.

Since moving away is out of the question right now, I decided to improve and make minor adjustments to my vegan diet and exercise routine during these frigid months. So far the results are that I do feel better and am enjoying winter more!

First let me explain my definition of “winterizing vegan style”. My definition is: “sustaining maximum health with plant-based eating as the basis for all of our activities in the cold months”.

I like to use the analogy that nutrient dense, minimally processed raw vegan food is like car wax for your body preserving your shine and resistance. We can have that healthy glow and stay free from colds and other winter related illnesses and most importantly- we can look and feel a good in winter as in the summer months!

Below are listed some small winterizing action items to have you feel energized immediately: (this is just what I do and I encourage you to figure out what works for you).   

  • Strenuous physical exercise for at least 20 minutes a day
  • Juicing

For exercise here is what I suggest:

20 minutes of fast running or stair climbing at a fast pace. (I don’t have time for 2 hour runs although I would like to in an ideal world)

For juicing, here is my morning routine and I promise you this takes only about 10 minutes:

I take my high powered blender pitcher and put in first about a cup or two of water. Then I add anything in my fridge that I know will make a good juice and below are some examples:  

Watercress, red cabbage, cucumber, red bell pepper, orange or clementine diluted with water

Here is the formula: 3-4 parts water or watery vegetable like celery or cucumber and a piece of fruit and 1 part the other stuff: cabbage, greens, sprouts etc.  

Vegetables that juice well:

Greens! Collard, parsley, darker color lettuce, kale, chard, wheatgrass



Ginger root

Red Bell peppers

Red cabbage

Beets- beet greens too!

Blend on high speed for 20 seconds and pour straight into a strainer over a pouring bowl that can collect the juice. If the juice is too strong- just dilute with water or fruit juice (if all you have is Tropicana in the fridge, use that!)  

Also… helpful time for extreme mega health: Did you know that wheatgrass curbs your appetite and has a lot protein and tons of vitamins and minerals? I recommend a shot at least 2-3 times a week. Personally I dislike the smell and taste and I chase it down with a large glass of water.

In addition to juicing- try to stay away from these foods:


Cheeses from any animal milk

Oils that have been heated

Refined oils

Fried foods

Put Raw Rev Glo bars in your car for those times when your hungry. Our Creamy Peanut Butter & Sea Salt bar has the perfect amount of fiber and protein to fuel you through your winter activities.

I hope this helps you to have an amazing glo-ing winter!    

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