About Us


As a Visiting Nurse, Alice Benedetto felt so strongly about nutrition as medicine she found herself challenging her patients to be vegan for a day. This fueled a passion for Alice, as she felt a calling to make a bigger impact on the world with the power of vegan nutrition. As she continued to work, a question in her mind remained: how can I do more?

Raw Rev, eventually, was the answer.

Crafting raw ingredients into delicious foods was Alice’s expertise and with the overwhelming popularity of her snacks from friends and neighbors, she had the idea to start a business. The truth was though, that most of her time and energy was spent on being a single mother and working full-time, making this dream seem impossible. Despite it, Alice didn’t give up and with some brainstorming, she put together a small team from a list of friends, all working to make the Raw Rev vision a reality. Alice sold her house and took the savings between her and her now-husband to found Raw Indulgence Inc, the official business, all with their four kids in tow.

When Raw Rev began, Alice was still a visiting nurse and made deliveries to local health food stores in-between patient visits, working seven days a week for years. Her vision to make available Raw Rev snacks paid off as placement was gained in more and more natural and mass market stores and chains. 

Now her vision is to continue making high-quality products and reach an even larger market, remaining affordable and irreplaceable, in flavor and quality. Today, Alice is still formulating new products that are always 100% vegan and nut-based. She is proud Raw Rev can make a difference for us and the planet we live on, one bar at a time.


-  Alice Benedetto, RN, President & Founder