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My favorite bar is out of stock! What do I do?

My favorite Raw Rev bar is out of stock, why?
We're updating some machinery to keep up with our customers' needs! We plan to be back in stock on all Raw Rev Glo products in December 2021. Check your local stores in the meantime! We can't wait to better serve you in the future. 

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Shipping has been different, is this normal?

Since the pandemic, we have been experiencing slower than usual delivery times. We will always get your order out in a timely fashion, but sometimes the carrier is operating slowly. We'll do our absolute best to keep you informed of any delays and encourage you to use the tracking information provided to secure your delivery.


New FDA Rulings on IMO

January 22, 2020:

The FDA recently changed the definition of dietary fiber for purposes of nutrition labeling, and decided that IMO does not qualify as dietary fiber. Our products currently are labeled in accordance with FDA's previous nutrition labeling rules, which remain in effect  for companies of our size and which allowed IMO to be counted as dietary fiber. We are in the process of reformulating our products with different fiber sources and relabeling our products in accordance with FDA's new rules. We expect to have the newly formulated products on the market within the next few months.




Are all of your products vegan?

Are all of your products gluten free?
Yes, we are certified gluten-free. Our ingredients are all gluten-free from non-cross-contaminated sources. 

Why does the shape/appearance of the bar vary?

We produce our bars in several facilities and on different machines. All the recipes are exact, but the final appearance will vary slightly.

Are all of your products made with nuts?
Yes, while we do have a peanut-free selection, there are other types of nuts used.

You say you have peanut-free products. How do you keep those bars free from contamination?
We swab the machines between each run of production until there are no allergens present. The bars, as listed on the packaging, are made on machinery that handles peanuts and tree nuts, so we cannot provide a full guarantee.

Can you ship my order overnight?

Yes, we can! Orders must be placed my 10AM EST to receive next day shipping. Orders placed after 10AM EST with overnight shipping will be shipped the next business day.

Do you ship internationally?

We do ship to some foreign countries, but the shipping can get expensive! The best international shipping rates are available through

Are you non-GMO? 
Yes, we are certified non-GMO.

Who is your kosher authority?
Our kosher authority is Natural Food Certifiers in Spring Valley, New York.

What is the shelf life of Raw Rev bars?
The shelf life is one year from date of production.

Why do you call yourselves Raw Rev?
Simple! All of our products are infused with raw ingredients and we love representing that. Our previous line was known as "Raw Revolution". "Raw Rev" just stuck!