A Day in My Shoes: Staying Inventive At RawRev

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When I founded Raw Rev 14 years ago, my goal was to bring vegan and super healthy food to more people. Diet and nutrition was my passion then, and it still is now. It was an exhausting endeavor - I was working a day job to pay the bills and building a company in my free time. And of course, there’s the exhaustion from running the show while also raising 3 children! Undoubtedly, those early days seemed never-ending.  Over the years, we worked through whatever came our way, one challenge at a time. As success (and relief!) finally found its way back into my life, I was finally able to concentrate fully on making and sharing the food I love.

Now, flash forward to the present day: the operation of the business looks different, and I’m not as involved in the same way as before. We’ve got a great team with dedication and operational systems that continue that vision on a much larger basis. Their help, combined with clean eating and renewed mental focus, inspired the creation of Raw Rev Glo, our newest line of vegan superfood bars. I attribute diet as a huge factor in maintaining health through those difficult years and wanted to share my inspiration with the world.

At the beginning of each day, as well as the night before (if I’m not totally exhausted), I look at my list of items to work on and appointments that are on the calendar. Truthfully, my list often looks more like an artist’s journal, because I prefer using colored markers over the rigidity of a plan typed out on a computer. I highlight or underline items based on their importance. I might consult other team members on what needs to get done, and soon I’m ready to get started on the day’s work.

Typically, I find the first 3-4 hours of the day after I arrive at the office to be my most productive. I power through this time, fully focused, and ask to not be interrupted. At around 1 PM, its break time for a quick lunch. Back to work soon after, I’ll also typically update my list or have a scheduled meeting in the afternoon. By 4 PM, office work for the day is winding down and not much is going to happen until after dinnertime. At that point, I go home, make dinner and feed the kiddies, and shift gears into being a mom.

Ultimately, work is not what I do, it’s who I am. In some respects, it can be incredibly difficult, but in others, it can absolutely feel effortless. I have 2 reasons for being at Raw Rev: one is to make a difference with everyone here. I truly love everyone I work with and care about their families.  A lot of the team has been here for over a decade and they’ve watched our children grow up. The other reason I’m proud of my work at Raw Rev is that I feel compelled to make a huge difference in the world. Raw Rev promotes vegan nutrition and we don’t partake in anything to do with animal culture. Just knowing that makes me feel good, and makes me excited for what we here at Raw Rev can do in the future!

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