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Whey Vs Pea Protein – What’s The Difference?

January 31, 2022

When it comes to whey vs pea protein, both can be great sources of protein. Whey is an animal-based protein made from isolating the protein from cow’s milk, while pea protein is plant-based. While they share some similarities, there’s a few key differences as well. Let’s take a look in this quick guide at whey vs pea protein and what makes them different!


A scoop of whey vs pea protein contains close to the same amount of protein. A scoop of pea protein will have roughly 22 grams of protein, and whey has around 27. While whey protein does have a little bit more protein overall, pea protein has iron and other health benefits as well. This includes working as an antioxidant and fighting off health issues more effectively than whey does.


For those that maintain a vegan diet, the decision between whey vs pea protein is clear. Whey is made from milk, while pea protein is completely plant-based. If you’re vegan, stay away from whey!


If you have food allergies or are lactose intolerant, you will want to avoid whey protein. Many whey proteins have both gluten and dairy. If you’re trying to avoid either of those, you should absolutely stick with pea protein. It’ll be much easier on your body to digest!


In the end, whey vs pea protein has some clear differences. While both whey and pea protein are good sources of protein and amino acids, pea protein has the benefit of being vegan, avoiding allergens, and containing antioxidant properties. 

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Written by Sam Moore from KARMAjack Digital Marketing Agency 

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